Wednesday, May 20, 2009

QuickStart 1

Our sweet little athlete, Will, starting taking tennis lessons last summer because the class was offered the half hour before his daycamp, which served as our daycare while I taught summer school. He really had fun so we signed him up again in the fall.  The first set of lessons is called QuickStart 1 and the children have to master certain skills before they can move up to QuickStart 2.  Will has repeated QuickStart 1 at least 5 times, possibly 6 (I can't remember if the fall was 1 or 2 sessions) but at the end of Spring session he moved up to QuickStart 2!  Not exactly a quick start, but a good learning experience in perseverance! 

Will hitting volleys.
Will and his friend Maddy working hard to advance to the next level. 

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