Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thanks Mrs. R-H!

I have to show off all that Will is learning! We are so glad he has a fantastic teacher and goes to a fantastic school!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Will!

Our baby boy is six today!

We picked out a desk for Will for his birthday. Since the start of kindergarten and his 6th birthday are only 2 weeks apart we wanted to get something special to mark this milestone year. He was excited but did ask us how much the desk cost. He has had his eye on the Lego Death Star for some time which carries a $400 price tag. We keep telling him that is more than we spend on birthdays, Christmas (car payments!) and I think he is just checking up on us.
A Harry Potter shirt from Collin.
Eating his birthday donut at his new desk.
Proudly wearing his "6" shirt!
Here he is at school with his snack to share and lactose free milk ;) His teacher was nice enough to take my camera for the day!
Passing out his birthday snack to his classmates.
Will's class!
Will's birthday cake. I am so proud of him. He was supposed to have his BFFs Henry and Josh over for pizza and cake tonight but when I got Collin at daycare yesterday he had a fever and was banned for 24 hours. I talked with the other moms and we thought it was best to reschedule and not expose the other kids so Will's "party" was cancelled. He handled it SO well!
Collin is not in the family picture below because he was covered in pizza!
Our six year old boy!

Saturday, September 19, 2009


Because the boys' birthdays are less than a month apart I had the *bright* idea to schedule their well-child checks back-to-back. Lessons were learned that morning. Mike and I both went to the appointment because I needed to take Will straight to school so Mike had to take Collin to Primrose. The four of us are crammed in the exam room, Collin in nothing but his diaper. All books and toys have been removed during flu season. One of us needs to hold Collin the entire time because he LOVES cords and of course the desk in the exam room has a computer with about a thousand cords coming out of it. So much fun. Thankfully, both boys are very healthy so the most interesting part to me is the boys' growth stats.

Will-(6 years)-height 73%ile, weight 89%ile (they don't measure heads at 6y so when the nurse stepped out I used the pediatric tape measure, but it only goes up to 22 inches...) Will is closing the gap! He used to be ~50%ile for height and 90%ile+ for weight!

Collin-(1 year)-height 58%ile, weight 7%ile, head 45%ile. SO the opposite of baby Will. The pictures show it and the numbers confirm it!

Collin at 1 year (19lbs 11oz, 30 1/4 in tall, Head circ 18 1/4 in)

Will at 1 year (25 lbs 15 oz, 30 in tall, Head Circ 19 3/4 in)

Monday, September 14, 2009


Check out some FABULOUS pictures of the boys:

under "clients" the password is "Repede"  

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The First Day of Kindergarten!

He's got his lunch packed up...
Our kindergartner! 
Will and Collin
Will and Grandma (I'm not sure we'd survive these two weeks without her!)
Will and Dad
Will and Mom, aka Mrs. Repede.  My eyes aren't as red and puffy in B&W. 
Will in line! 
Mrs. RH is helping Will with his name tag, but I prefer to think she is saying "Listen pal, you step one toe,  ONE TOE! out of line and  I know where to find your mother" mostly because she would NEVER say anything like that! 
Will and his teacher, Mrs. Ruffalo-Hady
Will is ready! Much more ready than Mom or Grandma were for this day. 
The kindergartners head in for their first day!
Will putting his things away in his locker.  It took everything I had to be the teacher and not the mom and let him do it himself!  I knew that would be the challenge of bringing him to Riverside.  I want him to go to the best school in Rochester (in my opinion!) but have it still be school and not mom's work. 

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Big Steps

It was a big day at the Repede house.  Mike and Will rode to school with me for Will's kindergarten orientation and Grandma took Collin to Primrose for an hour so he can start to adjust to his new daycare center.  Will did a great job practicing to be a kindergartner, I'm learning to be a colleague AND a parent, and Collin fit right in with his new "young toddler" friends.  He even decided that walking may be a helpful skill in his new environment.  Here he is taking a few steps in the kitchen tonight: 

Not that we should ever compare, but here is Will's first attempt at standing alone at 10 months.  They are so different. 

Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Day at The Fair

Last Friday was MPR (Minnesota Public Radio) Day at the State Fair.  It was also the day that Aunt Franny was flying in to MSP for a weekend visit.  I had to work so Mike and Grandma took the boys to the fair!  

Here are Will and Grandma at a farm exhibit.  I wasn't there so this whole blog is hearsay, but there was some story about a corn hat needing to be super-sized for Will.  

Al Franken!  One of the main draws of MPR Day at the Fair!  They got there early for front row seats and watched the Senator draw the United States. 

Senator Franken on Midday.

Will on the Super Slide.  I know the pictures are in reverse-that is how my Mac uploads them.  I'd have go through and edit the HTML to rearrange them and you get the idea anyway. 

Yes, Will went down the slide alone.  Grandma was saving those front row Franken seats and Dad was in charge.  

Apparently it was Will's idea for Grandma to be the male news anchor and for Will to be the female news anchor.  

Arthur's Eyes

President Elect Obama!!

Will's Travels

One of our goals is to show Will the world outside of our small town in Minnesota. Here is a record of his travels so far:

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