Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Camping

We just got home from our first holiday camping weekend!  We had so much fun at Shades of Sherwood in Zumbrota.  Our friends have their camper on a permanent site there and we were lucky to hook up with three other families that were also camping there for the weekend! 

Collin gnaws on a carrot.  We got a little bit of a hard time for being the family that brings vegetables to eat around the campfire. 
Yes, that is me with a volleyball.  I have never been a fan of the sport.  I'm not very good and don't like the red blotchy forearms it leaves me with, but a few friends signed up for the tournament and were short a player.  I dragged Mike down to the volleyball court to be the 6th man only to learn that they needed a third GIRL to balance out the team!  While I was definitely not the MVP, a few of my serves were in and I had fun! 
Will LOVES the pool.  I had to pull him out on Saturday and Sunday after his lips were turning purple!
Collin was the most popular camper.  Everyone wanted to help.  Here is Andrew feeding him a pancake. 
Lindsey, Shelby and Paige playing with Collin.  He is very popular with the ladies. 
Collin tries watermelon for the first time. 
Collin at the pool.  He hasn't been in for a dip yet!  I think we will wait for a quieter weekend!

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