Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Will is FIVE!

Here we are having cake on Will's birthday.  He picked out the cake and frosting and decided he wanted it to say "William."  I guess once you turn 5, it is time to start being a little more professional.  
My mom and I went to school with him on Monday to celebrate his birthday there.  Here he is with his best buddies-Ben, Henry, Josh, Nick and Jacob. 
Because we were celebrating his birthday, he was the Star Helper.  Here he is reading the letters in September. 
The Star Helper fills in the weather graph (such a proud moment for me to see Will loving data!)

The kids are singing Happy Birthday to Will! 
Will opened presents on the morning of his birthday before he went to tennis.  These are Star Wars undies from Collin. 
Will and Grandma Sharpe
My baby boy is FIVE! 

Friday, September 19, 2008

Fun with Grandma!

Grandma Sharpe has been staying with us to help with Baby Collin and the adjustment in becoming a family of four.  She and Will have had all kinds of exciting adventures!

Here Grandma and Will are reading bedtime stories.  Grandma is learning a lot about Star Wars! 

Here we are at the Fall Festival at Quarry Hill.  Grandma was against canoeing before she was for it.  After that she shot a moose.  Just kidding. 
This is a shot of Grandma and Will at Breakfast and Books through Community Education.  They are making a pig puppet.
Here is the pig puppet and yes, it is wearing lipstick. 
Grandma and Will's second Community Education adventure was a bus trip to the apple orchard.  

We all feel really lucky to have Grandma here and aren't sure what we will do when she goes home at the end of the month!! 

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More pictures

Here is Collin during John McCain's acceptance speech.  He just couldn't stand it, he had to cover his ears! 
It's easy being green!  Here is Collin in one of his cloth diapers.  I have to say that it is even easier than I thought it would be be.  Granted Collin loves to pee everywhere except his diaper.  He waits for that one second when we aren't ready and takes aim.   Famous targets so far include his own ear, the toaster (while getting him ready for a sponge bath), and his hair!  We change him on the changing table attached to his pack-and-play bassinet.  The bassinet is his favorite target because it is such a pain to change the sheets!! 
Will loves to help with Collin.  My new favorite word is "GENTLE!" 
Here is Will in his Hotsling!  We both got baby slings as a gift from my cousin Amy and her family.  Now Will can take care of George and still be hands free! 

Will's First Day of School

Will's first official day of preschool was Friday, September 5th.  He is in Room 7 with Mrs. Plute and Mrs. Wilkins and many of his Room 3 friends (Josh, Nick, Jacob and Henry).  He was very excited to be back at school.  When I brought him into the room I had to fill out some paperwork so my mom could pick him up.  By the time I finished he was out the door and on the playground without even a "good-bye." I should be thankful he is so well-adjusted, but a small part of me wanted to be missed!  
Will and his teachers
(Will's name tag is a loon.  The theme in his room this year is Minnesota, as we are celebrating 150 years of statehood.  I guess we can look forward to another year of "Duck, Duck, Grey Duck") 

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Here is a cute video of Will and Collin from yesterday.  Will thought some of Collin's cries sound like he is saying "hawaii" so Will has decided that Collin's first words are Hawaii, La, and "toot" (more of a sound, than a word, if you know what I mean).  Also, notice how quickly the conversation changes to Star Wars! 

Monday, September 1, 2008

Collin comes home!

All wrapped up in blue! 
 I didn't wash very many of the new things I bought in fear that the ultrasound tech was wrong and we would be taking home a girl!  Will was asking last week why we didn't know for sure it was a boy.  I told him that they take pictures and make a guess but you never really know until the baby comes out.  He asked how we would be able to tell when the baby came out.  I put the
 question back on him and asked how boys and girls are different.  He listed all sorts of things-girls have long hair, they wear barrettes,  they have long eyelashes, so I asked him what Daddy has that Mommy doesn't.  His response-"A lawnmower!"  
Mommy is very glad that Collin wasn't born with a lawnmower!! 
All strapped in and ready to go!  
I can't believe he is in a 0-3 month outfit and it is a little baggy!  Thanks to The Weingartens for loaning us a car seat!  Apparently the plastic in car seats isn't good after 5 years and the one we had for Will is too old-the downside of having kids 5 years apart!  Will has been concerned that Ben Weingarten has had a lot of babysitters-according to Will he can't go anywhere if we have his carseat! Good thing Ben is almost 2 years old and has long since outgrown it! 
Will and Collin on the front porch

So far things are going really well.  Collin has had his days and nights mixed up the last two days so I'm pretty tired.  Will is very independent and a big help, but I have a hard enough time with Star Wars trivia on a full night's sleep.  We are looking forward to Grandma Sharpe's arrival on Wednesday!  We're grateful that she is braving the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport during the Republican National Convention.  She is planning to avoid Larry Craig and the restrooms while she is there!  

More pictures of Collin

Will meets his little brother for the first time! 

Will checks Collin out up close
Collin is wide-eyed (that is his Yoda from his Big Brother behind him!)
Our family of FOUR! Yikes! 

Arthur's Eyes

President Elect Obama!!

Will's Travels

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