Friday, May 15, 2009

Happy Campers

I really want to believe that we are true-blue Chicagoans on temporary assignment in Southeast Minnesota, but day-by-day, and nearly ten years later, I'm starting to think I'm just kidding myself.  Here is the latest evidence of this:
Yes, that is Mike, that is our driveway, that is a pop-up camper.  

Growing up in Arlington Heights I went to camp, first Girl Scout camp (mostly cabins and platform tents), then band camp (once you are done laughing you can read that took place at Eastern Illinois University and then the slightly more rustic George Williams College).  Once my best friend Michele's family took me camping and I'm pretty sure we slept in tents.  All I remember was fabulous home made salsa and her dad telling us we had to be silent in the boat so we didn't scare the fish.  That was the extent of it.

So how did all of this come about?  Our good friends the Winters have a camper on a permanent site about 30 minutes north of here and it is Will's favorite place to be in the summer.  The pool, the freedom, the nature, the junk food and the fact that his parents aren't distracted by all there is to do at home are a few of the reasons it is so appealing.  We would spend weekend with the Winters in their camper and have a blast, but 4 adults and 4 kids in a travel trailer was a little cozy and now that we've added Collin to the mix we decided it was time to get our own place.  

Since Chad Winters is the area dealer for pretty much anything you want to buy or sell, he found this 5-year-old camper for us.  We think it may have been a hint that NINE people in his camper was just not going to happen this summer, especially when one of them isn't sleeping through the night.  We'll be testing it out tomorrow and I'm sure there will be more pictures and stories to share.

Will and Katelyn Winters playing in the camper

Collin and Katelyn in the camper

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kyle and robin said...

we spent endless summers camping in a 1970's bethany pop-up. four kids, a dog, an experienced-camping mom, and a dad whose idea of roughing it is the holiday inn. good times. can't wait to hear how your night went!

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