Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Will is FIVE!

Here we are having cake on Will's birthday.  He picked out the cake and frosting and decided he wanted it to say "William."  I guess once you turn 5, it is time to start being a little more professional.  
My mom and I went to school with him on Monday to celebrate his birthday there.  Here he is with his best buddies-Ben, Henry, Josh, Nick and Jacob. 
Because we were celebrating his birthday, he was the Star Helper.  Here he is reading the letters in September. 
The Star Helper fills in the weather graph (such a proud moment for me to see Will loving data!)

The kids are singing Happy Birthday to Will! 
Will opened presents on the morning of his birthday before he went to tennis.  These are Star Wars undies from Collin. 
Will and Grandma Sharpe
My baby boy is FIVE! 

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kyle and robin said...


tell mommy that we are waiting for more pictures! is she kind of busy or something?


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