Friday, September 19, 2008

Fun with Grandma!

Grandma Sharpe has been staying with us to help with Baby Collin and the adjustment in becoming a family of four.  She and Will have had all kinds of exciting adventures!

Here Grandma and Will are reading bedtime stories.  Grandma is learning a lot about Star Wars! 

Here we are at the Fall Festival at Quarry Hill.  Grandma was against canoeing before she was for it.  After that she shot a moose.  Just kidding. 
This is a shot of Grandma and Will at Breakfast and Books through Community Education.  They are making a pig puppet.
Here is the pig puppet and yes, it is wearing lipstick. 
Grandma and Will's second Community Education adventure was a bus trip to the apple orchard.  

We all feel really lucky to have Grandma here and aren't sure what we will do when she goes home at the end of the month!! 

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