Tuesday, September 9, 2008

More pictures

Here is Collin during John McCain's acceptance speech.  He just couldn't stand it, he had to cover his ears! 
It's easy being green!  Here is Collin in one of his cloth diapers.  I have to say that it is even easier than I thought it would be be.  Granted Collin loves to pee everywhere except his diaper.  He waits for that one second when we aren't ready and takes aim.   Famous targets so far include his own ear, the toaster (while getting him ready for a sponge bath), and his hair!  We change him on the changing table attached to his pack-and-play bassinet.  The bassinet is his favorite target because it is such a pain to change the sheets!! 
Will loves to help with Collin.  My new favorite word is "GENTLE!" 
Here is Will in his Hotsling!  We both got baby slings as a gift from my cousin Amy and her family.  Now Will can take care of George and still be hands free! 

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Duke Y said...

Your baby peeing at strategic times reminds me of the VERY FIRST TIME our 2nd child had his diaper changed at home. Our oldest,Grace, was 2 years old at the time, and said, "What are you doing?" She insisted on climbing on a chair and sticking her head up between my arms as I changed Victor. With his pecker pointed right at her face, he began to pee! Grace ran screaming, "What was that?" We are still wondering, did little Victor know what he was doing?

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