Monday, September 1, 2008

Collin comes home!

All wrapped up in blue! 
 I didn't wash very many of the new things I bought in fear that the ultrasound tech was wrong and we would be taking home a girl!  Will was asking last week why we didn't know for sure it was a boy.  I told him that they take pictures and make a guess but you never really know until the baby comes out.  He asked how we would be able to tell when the baby came out.  I put the
 question back on him and asked how boys and girls are different.  He listed all sorts of things-girls have long hair, they wear barrettes,  they have long eyelashes, so I asked him what Daddy has that Mommy doesn't.  His response-"A lawnmower!"  
Mommy is very glad that Collin wasn't born with a lawnmower!! 
All strapped in and ready to go!  
I can't believe he is in a 0-3 month outfit and it is a little baggy!  Thanks to The Weingartens for loaning us a car seat!  Apparently the plastic in car seats isn't good after 5 years and the one we had for Will is too old-the downside of having kids 5 years apart!  Will has been concerned that Ben Weingarten has had a lot of babysitters-according to Will he can't go anywhere if we have his carseat! Good thing Ben is almost 2 years old and has long since outgrown it! 
Will and Collin on the front porch

So far things are going really well.  Collin has had his days and nights mixed up the last two days so I'm pretty tired.  Will is very independent and a big help, but I have a hard enough time with Star Wars trivia on a full night's sleep.  We are looking forward to Grandma Sharpe's arrival on Wednesday!  We're grateful that she is braving the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport during the Republican National Convention.  She is planning to avoid Larry Craig and the restrooms while she is there!  


kyle and robin said...

meg - we just came back from st. paul and we managed to escape without any serious injuries from the RNC. we did, however, manage to get our "change on a stick" from the state fair!! too bad they were out of Obama buttons...I could've gotten my own :)

in more exciting news...collin is adorable! they grow so fast - it seems like just yesterday that miles was that little. I hope you will be able to get some much needed rest soon. take care


Andrea said...

Oh Meg,

He's just darling. The pic of him wrapped up looks just like Will. The one of him wide eyed, doesn't. He is too cute. When can I come over and hold him? I promise to wash my hands!

I'm so happy for you guys. It's been a bumpy road to get him but he's a keeper.

Please, Please Please, do not hesitate to send Will over to play with the boys at any time. He's such a good big brother - getting him a little Yoda. How cute is that?

Anyway... call me whenever.


Meghan said...

Congratulations, Repedes! My first thought with my first look at the sleeping picture of Collin is that he does look just like Will! He is beautiful! Love the story about Will and the lawnmower. Hope you will find some time to rest and I'll talk to you soon. Sending lots of love!

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