Saturday, September 19, 2009


Because the boys' birthdays are less than a month apart I had the *bright* idea to schedule their well-child checks back-to-back. Lessons were learned that morning. Mike and I both went to the appointment because I needed to take Will straight to school so Mike had to take Collin to Primrose. The four of us are crammed in the exam room, Collin in nothing but his diaper. All books and toys have been removed during flu season. One of us needs to hold Collin the entire time because he LOVES cords and of course the desk in the exam room has a computer with about a thousand cords coming out of it. So much fun. Thankfully, both boys are very healthy so the most interesting part to me is the boys' growth stats.

Will-(6 years)-height 73%ile, weight 89%ile (they don't measure heads at 6y so when the nurse stepped out I used the pediatric tape measure, but it only goes up to 22 inches...) Will is closing the gap! He used to be ~50%ile for height and 90%ile+ for weight!

Collin-(1 year)-height 58%ile, weight 7%ile, head 45%ile. SO the opposite of baby Will. The pictures show it and the numbers confirm it!

Collin at 1 year (19lbs 11oz, 30 1/4 in tall, Head circ 18 1/4 in)

Will at 1 year (25 lbs 15 oz, 30 in tall, Head Circ 19 3/4 in)

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