Saturday, September 5, 2009

A Day at The Fair

Last Friday was MPR (Minnesota Public Radio) Day at the State Fair.  It was also the day that Aunt Franny was flying in to MSP for a weekend visit.  I had to work so Mike and Grandma took the boys to the fair!  

Here are Will and Grandma at a farm exhibit.  I wasn't there so this whole blog is hearsay, but there was some story about a corn hat needing to be super-sized for Will.  

Al Franken!  One of the main draws of MPR Day at the Fair!  They got there early for front row seats and watched the Senator draw the United States. 

Senator Franken on Midday.

Will on the Super Slide.  I know the pictures are in reverse-that is how my Mac uploads them.  I'd have go through and edit the HTML to rearrange them and you get the idea anyway. 

Yes, Will went down the slide alone.  Grandma was saving those front row Franken seats and Dad was in charge.  

Apparently it was Will's idea for Grandma to be the male news anchor and for Will to be the female news anchor.  

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