Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Big Steps

It was a big day at the Repede house.  Mike and Will rode to school with me for Will's kindergarten orientation and Grandma took Collin to Primrose for an hour so he can start to adjust to his new daycare center.  Will did a great job practicing to be a kindergartner, I'm learning to be a colleague AND a parent, and Collin fit right in with his new "young toddler" friends.  He even decided that walking may be a helpful skill in his new environment.  Here he is taking a few steps in the kitchen tonight: 

Not that we should ever compare, but here is Will's first attempt at standing alone at 10 months.  They are so different. 

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Will's Travels

One of our goals is to show Will the world outside of our small town in Minnesota. Here is a record of his travels so far:

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