Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Will!

Our baby boy is six today!

We picked out a desk for Will for his birthday. Since the start of kindergarten and his 6th birthday are only 2 weeks apart we wanted to get something special to mark this milestone year. He was excited but did ask us how much the desk cost. He has had his eye on the Lego Death Star for some time which carries a $400 price tag. We keep telling him that is more than we spend on birthdays, Christmas (car payments!) and I think he is just checking up on us.
A Harry Potter shirt from Collin.
Eating his birthday donut at his new desk.
Proudly wearing his "6" shirt!
Here he is at school with his snack to share and lactose free milk ;) His teacher was nice enough to take my camera for the day!
Passing out his birthday snack to his classmates.
Will's class!
Will's birthday cake. I am so proud of him. He was supposed to have his BFFs Henry and Josh over for pizza and cake tonight but when I got Collin at daycare yesterday he had a fever and was banned for 24 hours. I talked with the other moms and we thought it was best to reschedule and not expose the other kids so Will's "party" was cancelled. He handled it SO well!
Collin is not in the family picture below because he was covered in pizza!
Our six year old boy!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Will Boy! I'm sorry I missed your big day - but I probably would have cried too much. However, Collin would have been in the picture because I would have given him a bath right away! Love you - miss you. Grandma S

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