Thursday, September 10, 2009

The First Day of Kindergarten!

He's got his lunch packed up...
Our kindergartner! 
Will and Collin
Will and Grandma (I'm not sure we'd survive these two weeks without her!)
Will and Dad
Will and Mom, aka Mrs. Repede.  My eyes aren't as red and puffy in B&W. 
Will in line! 
Mrs. RH is helping Will with his name tag, but I prefer to think she is saying "Listen pal, you step one toe,  ONE TOE! out of line and  I know where to find your mother" mostly because she would NEVER say anything like that! 
Will and his teacher, Mrs. Ruffalo-Hady
Will is ready! Much more ready than Mom or Grandma were for this day. 
The kindergartners head in for their first day!
Will putting his things away in his locker.  It took everything I had to be the teacher and not the mom and let him do it himself!  I knew that would be the challenge of bringing him to Riverside.  I want him to go to the best school in Rochester (in my opinion!) but have it still be school and not mom's work. 

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