Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter from the House of Headcold!

Will comes down to see what the Easter Bunny (and Grandma and Grandpa Sharpe!) brought for Easter. 
Collin has a bit of bed head and has no idea what is going on! 
Will's favorite gift was a Star Wars Lego game for Wii. 
Both of the boys' baskets had a swimming theme-they are set for summer!  Collin is wearing his new hat from the bunny and sitting by his Eeyore from Uncle Kevin. 
Collin takes a snooze while the boys play their new game. 

As you may have noticed there aren't any cute Easter outfit/dressed up for church pictures.  We've been passing a cold around the house this week.  Everyone was doing well yesterday so we took advantage of the nice weather and apparent good health by playing outside and cleaning the garage most of the day.  We're paying for today.  So we've spent the day in our jammies and had homemade chicken soup for lunch (Will let us know he prefers soup from a can!).  We think the people at church would prefer we kept our germs at home and hope God understands!  

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