Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Collin and solids

Because of Will's eczema and food sensitivities, we'd been putting off starting solids with Collin.  When we went to his 6 month check-up, he's grown an inch but hadn't gained much weight (apparently he is long and lean, I'll let you decide which end of the gene pool that is!) so Dr. McCoy recommended we start solid foods.  

Here are Collin's first bites of rice cereal...

We then moved on to sweet peas...

My latest crunchy adventures is making my own purees.  Fearing another battle with eczema, I wanted to know exactly what Collin was eating to identify any sensitivities.  I also felt that baby food is packaged in such a way that it creates a lot of waste.  I picked up a cookbook at Williams Sonoma and am amazed at how easy it is!  Most foods are steamed, pureed in the food processor and poured into ice cube trays.  Once they are frozen I pop them out into a freezer bag and defrost one or two cubes each day! 

Collin has learned quickly that the high chair means food and isn't very patient while I'm warming it up for him.  To distract him the other day I gave him small pieces of banana.  It was funny to watch him try to get his hands to pick up the slimy pieces of food!  Once he did grab it he couldn't figure out where it went or how to get it in his mouth! 

As I said, Collin isn't very patient once he figures out it is meal time.  I was holding him while I mixed some rice cereal.  He was ready to dig in! 

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