Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Mike!

On Saturday we celebrated Mike's 32nd birthday! 

Will thought we should make a cake for Mike.  The tradition is Sam's Club cake and while I was sad to break that tradition, this cake only lasted until lunch on Sunday.  Usually I'd be eating Sam's cake for two meals a day for the next week.  My jeans aren't complaining about the break in tradition. 
Andrew and Collin
Allie and Collin, still friends despite the fact that Collin spit up on Allie's face a few months ago!
Mike opening gifts!  Treats from the Winters, A lululemon gift card, Wii points and Night at the Museum from the Sharpes and more treats and a new yoga shirt from the boys! 
We also dyed Easter eggs with the Winters that night! 

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