Sunday, April 26, 2009

Collin's Baptism

This past Sunday we finally had Collin baptized at People of Hope in Rochester.  While the weather wasn't very cooperative, the service was beautiful.  Many things were different this time around.  We've changed churches since Will's baptism and the outfit that Will wore (which was also worn by all the Sharpe kids) was too small for Collin, but we were able to get a copy of the music played at Will's baptism.  Spirit of Joy, the music group at People of Hope, played "Walk as a Child of the Light," a song by Cathy Nelson, the music director at our former church, Holy Spirit.  It is so beautiful, I find it hard to keep it together when it is sung! 

Collin before baptism.  He is so cute even with original sin! ;) 
Collin being baptized by Pastor Jason
After baptism with Pastor Jason
Grandma and Grandpa Sharpe
Grandpa Repede and Grandma Kim
The Winters-Collin's Godfamily!  
The Buckmeiers with Collin (Amy and Jon are Will's godparents)
Allie and Collin

It was a very special day for Collin.  As you can see, his strict organic diet went right out the window when the grandmas came! 
Grandma Kim giving Collin frosting
Grandma Sharpe giving Collin carrot cake

It was also a special day for our entire family, celebrating our special blessing and miracle baby, Collin, with our family and friends. 

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Bridge said...

did you get a new camera? these shots are great!

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