Wednesday, December 9, 2009

That kid.

In my five years of facilitating parent/teacher conferences I can say one thing for certain. Every year you have at least one conference where you spend 20 minutes raving about how fantastic you think their child is only to have the parents look at you cross-eyed and insist you have them mistaken for someone else's parents.

While I hate to impose anything on Collin prematurely, there is mounting evidence that this will be the case. This is the note that came home from school yesterday.

First, I didn't even know Collin knew the sign for "thank you." Second, I've never seen him sign unprompted. Our usual routine involves him screeching and us modeling a variety of signs until we get to the one that addresses the need that started the screeching in the first place.

I'm happy that he is happy and communicating with his teachers at school and that he is learning and growing! And as those parents always tell me at the end of those conferences, I'm glad it is this way and not the other way around!!

1 comment:

Franny said...

Is he using the poop sign?
And is that pig named Megy?

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