Wednesday, December 23, 2009

"Just so you know, Mom, I'm really good"

Will is suited up and ready to go. This was no small task, either. For a while I seriously thought we took the wrong boots with us and left the Will-sized ones back at Tyrol in Rochester!!
Will's first ski trip. Checking things out, getting excited, looking good...
Sliding down the hill, picking up speed, feeling the adrenaline!
And wiping out. No problem, the snow is soft and he's pretty padded.
But getting back up is a challenge. "Can't I just take my skis off?" Will asks. Umm, no it doesn't really work that way.
After a few hours and a couple trips to the chalet, Will really got excited about skiing! He asked if we could buy skis so he could go down the hill in our backyard. Maybe next year. So to get the full experience of the rentals, he wore his ski boots on the ride home and held the skis in his hands until he fell asleep in the car.

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