Sunday, December 27, 2009


Our Little Collin. I took him in on Wednesday for his 15 month well-child check and shared with the pediatrician my concerns that he isn't very verbal, only knows a few signs and I'm unsure of his receptive language-he laughs at "NO." (to a teacher that means one of two things-a language delay or a behavior disorder.) She wasn't concerned, said we'd keep an eye on it and sent us on our way. Of course in the 4 days since that visit he is now clearly saying a variety of words and added a number of signs. It was almost like "oh, you were concerned? you should have said something." I'm not sure if it would have freaked me out more to have him say that or sign it. I took this video of him today as I was teaching him to use a spoon. Clearly all is well with his verbal skills and receptive language.

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