Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas-2009

Christmas Eve
Trying to get the boys together for a picture
Note to self: do not schedule immunizations for December 23 for a teething toddler.
Pictures with the Winters kids before church on Christmas Eve.
Trying to get the Christmas Eve PJ shot, again, Collin not really about it.
Christmas morning-checking out what Santa left.

Collin got his own phone so we're hoping he'll leave ours alone, at least for the next few days.
This picture looks like the pause before the fight.

Christmas night -exchanging gifts with the Winters.
Collin playing the drum from Aunt Bridget and Aunt Franny.

I feel like I should blog something cheesy about what a magical blessed day it was, but the truth is that this month has been a little bit crazy. I recently shared with a close friend who is struggling with infertility that this was the first Christmas season in quite a few years I was excited to see the decorations go up in the store. This is Collin's 2nd Christmas but I'm pretty sure I was too sleep deprived to notice last year. For some reason my renewed excitement about Christmas also came with pressure and expectations that didn't seem to mesh with a busy full-time job and two active boys. Then I factor in a few rookie mistakes like scheduling Collin's MMR vaccine for December 23. The shot combined with teething led to a LONG Christmas Eve night of Collin fussing and Will freaking out that Santa wasn't coming because Collin was awake and crying. And then Mike's recent rental of Food, Inc. which makes you never want to eat anything that isn't vegetarian and from scratch, adds a whole new dimension to holiday cooking. While it seems like Christmas is magical for kids and a whole lot of work for moms, the optimist in me hopes to find a better way. I'm just not sure if I should start shopping for next year tomorrow or plan a family vacation and skip the whole thing!

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