Friday, December 26, 2008

'Twas the night before...

Our Christmas eve was busy with last minute baking and woodworking projects.  Since my baking almost always involves some sort of mistake or injury, I'm afraid Will may have expanded his vocabulary this Christmas Eve. As long as he still thinks Ralphie actually said "fudge" we're okay!   
Here we are baking some chocolate mini loaves for breakfast at the Winters'.  Collin likes to be part of the action so I wore him in the front carrier while Will and I baked.  I thought this system was brilliant until Collin had an unexpected sneezing spell while we rolled dough!  Sorry Winters!!  
I got this cute shot of the boys playing in their undies before church.  I have learned not to dress them until the last possible second! 
This is the cheesy fireplace shot before church! 
I wanted to get a cute one of the boys...
but think this one is my favorite.  We're convinced that if Collin had subtitles to his cries or a running commentary of his thoughts, the language would be PG-13 at best.  
Here is the (pre-baked!) gingerbread house (kit!) Will and I put together on Christmas Eve.  Collin was sleeping and Mike was in his workshop finishing some last minute details so Will and I had a really nice time baking cookies.  I'm in love with the sugar cookie sheets!  Pre-mixed and pre-rolled, just punch and bake!  
Will is leaving cookies and milk for Santa and carrots for the reindeer.  
I had to take a close-up because Will also left Santa floss and chapstick for after the cookies!! 
A shot of the boys in their matching jammies before bed.  

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