Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

This was Santa's big project this year!  I found a picture of this while we were finishing the basement and told Mike I wanted him to make it for the playroom.  We bought the baskets last Christmas with a gift card from Grandma and Grandpa Repede thinking the project would have been finished sooner.  Mike purchased the lumber this fall and it sat while we tended to another small project, Collin!  After Thanksgiving I pushed Mike to get in done for Christmas (Mike HATES woodworking deadlines!).  It was down to the wire, but Santa (or Harry Pottery Barn as I was calling him) pulled through! 
Here we are on Christmas morning.  Will asked Santa for a $400 Star Wars Lego Death Star.  I'm not sure which was worse, the price tag or the 3,803 pieces so we got him a Millenium Falcon toy (5 pieces) instead. 
He also got a new scooter.
Will helped Collin with his stocking from Grandma and Grandpa Sharpe. 
Will showed Collin his Winnie the Pooh Santa.  I have a feeling Uncle Kevin picked that one out! 

Will got REAL tools and a toolbox from Dad. 
Collin got new shoes from Aunt Chris and Uncle Milan. 
Will got new clothes from Grandma and Grandpa Repede.
Will showed Collin a new toy from Santa. 
Collin also got new shoes from Aunt Bridget. 
New diapers from Grandma and Grandpa Sharpe!  Collin is so excited he peed in his pants! 
The aftermath. 


Bridge said...


Bridge said...

i bought those converse in my size, so we can be twins!

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