Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Snow Fun

Overnight we got about 6 inches of snow, leading to school closings and delays in the area.  Will's tennis lesson was cancelled and since tennis lessons, playing with friends after tennis and then having lunch with them eats up a good chunk of our Tuesday, we were left with nothing to do.  We decided to invite the tennis friends over to our house for lunch and sledding on the hill in our backyard. Will and Collin plus three friends, four siblings and three moms makes for an exciting day!  

Here we are trying to get 8 kids bundled up to go outside.  I don't know how preschool teachers do it. 
Kris at the top of the hill with Liam and Fiona
Kris gives Fiona and Tracy a push as Josh and Will watch
Carolyn and Jacob coming down the hill
Josh and Emily

Don't worry Kris, I didn't post any pictures of Collette-no one will know she cut afternoon preschool to go sledding ;) 

Henry-we missed you today!  We hope it isn't too hot in Disney World!!  


Melissa said...

Thanks for sharing the piccies! I just want to let you know that I am sitting here sweating in 40oC heat with high humidity- I would come over to you if I could!


Jen Brickley said...

HMMMM, is this Collette who is in Evelyn's class at Kingdom Kids? I wondered where she was, j/k. I love your posts on this blog!

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