Friday, December 19, 2008

Collin's Big Brother

As Collin had gotten older and more interactive it has been exciting to watch the relationship with his big brother develop.  Collin thinks Will is hilarious.  Will has been very patient with his baby brother and has been pretty good about sharing/giving up most of his parents' attention.  

Here Will is helping Collin take a bath.  This was the second bath they had taken together.  The first one was supervised by dad.  When I came upstairs Collin was out of the tub and was crying.   I asked Mike how it went and he said fine.  As I was getting Collin's pajamas on, Will yells from the tub "Collin is crying because he accidently went all the way under the water."  I guess dad accidently left that detail out of the report.  

On occasion Will lets Collin participate in bedtime stories with Dad. 

This is Collin in his "3D glasses"  We had just gotten home from picking Will up from school.  I asked Will to entertain Collin for a minute while I ran to the bathroom.  I could hear Will talking to Collin about his "3D glasses" and came out to find this.  
Will helped change his first diaper today!!  Luckily (for everyone involved) it was only wet.  

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