Monday, October 13, 2008

Yes We Can! (Michelle Obama in Rochester)

Will and his good friend Henry cut preschool today to see Michelle Obama at the Civic Center.

Will decided he wanted to wear his Tim Walz shirt instead of his Barack Obama shirt, a wise choice.  He was able to meet Tim, get his shirt autographed and take a picture with the congressman from the 1st district! 

Will and Henry in the Civic Center.  We got in line about 30 minutes before the doors opened and were able to get seats fairly close to the front! 

Tim Walz speaks to the crowd.

Michelle Obama comes out to greet the cheering crowd. 

She was a great speaker, sending the message that she and Barack "get it." 

Close-up!  We tried to get up to shake her hand, we didn't quite make it, but got this shot! 

This picture was taken of us with Henry and his mom Jodi after the rally.  Someone commented that it would make a lovely Christmas card shot!  A DFL rally has got to be one of the few places in Rochester where someone would assume you were gay!!! Jodi and I are planning to stay with our husbands, but if anyone would like a copy of this picture included with their holiday card, just let us know!

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