Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Will's new bed

Slow and steady wins the race, and after many late nights in the shop Will's bed is done! People always hassle me about my projects taking forever, but I remind them that you can't rush perfection...

I am definitely my worst critic, but overall I'm pleased with how this one came together. The finger joints on the drawer fronts/sides alone added at LEAST 10 hours to my total time investment. I think they make a huge visual difference, though.

It's subtle, but the curves on the headboard and footboard match a changing table I made 5 years ago when Will was a baby.
Those in turn mimic the sleigh style crib we bought.

Will isn't quite big enough to climb directly into the bed yet. So instead he uses a drawer pull as a foothold. The other night one of the drawers wasn't closed all the way, and he just stepped on the drawer itself and hopped up. I panicked at first, then thought through how sturdy those drawers are. They're decorative joints yes, but also very strong ones!

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