Friday, October 17, 2008


While I don't think Will and Collin look exactly alike, here are a few similiar shots:

Here both boys are about 2 weeks old. 
In the first picture Will is about 4 weeks old and in the second picture Collin is 6 weeks old.

Collin is a very good baby, but isn't quite as laid back as his big brother was.  While he sleeps fine on his own at night, he prefers to be held for naps during the day.  I'm so thankful for my sling. If I lay Collin down for a nap he normally sleeps for about 15 minutes, but if I wear him in the sling he'll sleep for 2 hours or more!  He is snoozing in it right now as I type! 

I thought we had turned a corner today. This morning he slept in his swing for about an hour and this afternoon he slept in his bed in our room for over an hour.  Once I felt confident he was asleep, I went downstairs to do some laundry only to hear him start crying.  I came upstairs to find his big brother at the side of his bed trying to give him a pacifier.  As soon as I walked in the conversation went something like this:

Will:  I didn't wake him up!
Me: What are you doing?
W: Giving him his pacie.  I'm helping!
M: Was he asleep when you came in here?
long pause....
W: Yes. 
M: Did you touch him?
long pause...
W:No.  But he didn't have his pacie, so I gave him his pacie.

And so ends my victorious nap day.  Collin is back in the sling! 

I do have to say that Will is always loving toward his little brother.  While some of his helping isn't always so helpful, and he probably gets corrected more than he should for his "helpfulness,"  we are thankful that he loves him and hasn't asked to send him back! 

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