Sunday, August 17, 2008

William Phelps, Gold Medalist

Off the blocks
Hits the touch pad
Here we are at the pool at the Winter's campground in Zumbrota (Will's favorite place to be in the summer!) Our little Michael Phelps was buzzing around the pool showing off his skills from swimming lessons. Although, I'm pretty sure the real Michael Phelps isn't worried about how deep the water is and whether or not he can "touch." We were swimming at the athletic club not too long ago and after going down the slide, Will got out a little too far, requiring some lifeguard intervention. He was a little shaken up, but we were very embarrassed to be his lazy parents that were sitting on the side when it all happened!!
Other exciting news from the Repede Blog is that our new iMac is on it's way!! Our Dinosaur Dell is on it's last legs and is so slow that if it doesn't die soon, I'm going to kill it! Educators get a nice discount from Apple and the current promotion is a free iPod Touch with iMac purchase. I'm most excited to use the calendar features on the iPod touch. I was recently at a meeting for work with teachers and administrators from other buildings. They were announcing future meeting dates and while everyone else took out their various PDAs, I had the cutest little pocket calendar that I recovered with scrapbook paper and matching stickers. Not cool.

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