Sunday, August 31, 2008

Collin came early!

Collin Michael Repede was born at 8:11pm on Saturday, August 30. He was 20 inches long, and coincidentally weighed 8 pounds - 11 ounces. It's strange to look at a nearly 9-pound baby and think he looks so little. But Will weighed in a 10 pounds - 4 ounces, so it's all relative. Another relative thing I tease Meg about is that with only 12 hours of labor and delivery, Collin practically flew into this world. Compared to Will's 24-hour adventure, she halved her personal best in childbirth time!

In all seriousness, I am overwhelmingly proud of Meg. For all the right reasons she was so dedicated to having a VBAC, and she made it happen. Meg can fill people in on the details, but let's just say our team (Meg, me, 2 doulas, and 3 nurses throughout the day) held our ground in the battle to avoid unnecessary interventions. I was sadly disappointed it was such a battle and I'm having a hard time letting go of that. But it was also a bonding experience I'll forever cherish. We went through a lot the past few years to have Collin, and it was all worth it!


Kristin said...

Best wishes to all four of you! I'll keep watching the blog for more info and pictures.

Kris Guy said...

Congratulations Mike and Meg! We are so happy to hear that Collin is here and everyone is safe and healthy. Congratulations to you too Will! You are going to be a wonderful big brother. You have so much to teach Collin! We look forward to meeting Collin and seeing you all soon :)
Aaron, Kris, Noah and Charlie Guy

Kris Guy said...

We forgot to add...we can't get over how much Collin looks like Will! He is beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Yeah! Welcome baby Collin! What a fabulous job you all did in your battle for a natural childbirth. I am so sorry about the effort it took, but I know that every single time someone takes a stand, the future changes. Kudos Meg and Mike. Blessings to all of our MN Repede's. We love you and are looking forward to more pictures! Much love, the SC (NC & CO) Repede's

Carrie said...

Congrats guys! A VBAC too!! What an undertaking. And only 12 hours! Impressive. I hope you recover quickly. Collin is very blessed to be born into such a great family!
~Carrie (Randazzo) Sluga

kyle and robin said...

congratulations! I've been out of town and missed the big news. so happy to hear that everything went well - looking forward to meeting the new little guy!!

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