Friday, August 22, 2008

More Baby Parties!

What we thought was just an ordinary playdate at Collette's house today ended up being a a party for Big Brother Will and Baby Repede hosted by some of Will's favorite preschool friends! Collette's mom hosted a delicious lunch (the bar has now been set way too high for playdate lunches! please send recipes!!) and Josh and Emily's mom baked and decorated a cake. We received a very generous gift card to Babies R Us from the three families. I was even able to run to my OB appointment alone while Will played with his friends. (I'm now 2cm dilated for those keeping track!)

Zoie, Emily, Collette and Henry (Will and Josh from the back)
Zoie, Emily and Josh watch Will licking the frosting off his baby brother!
We are so grateful for such wonderful friends here in Rochester!

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