Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Birthday to a New School Year!

Tonight we held our 4th Annual Happy Birthday to A New School Year Party at the Winters in Byron. It all started as an excuse to eat our favorite treat, Sam's Club Cake, during a month with no Repede or Winters birthdays and has become a fun annual event. In recent years it expanded to include the Kruse girls as well. We held it a week early this year because all of the moms will be back to work for work week! Marla and I haven't worked a school year together since 2005/2006! This year's party goers include Allie-4th grade, Andrew and Hanna-1st grade, Ella-Kindergarten and Will and Katelyn-preschool, and moms as well-Sue-half-time 6th grade, Marla-Kindergarten, Meg-just work week!!

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