Saturday, July 19, 2008


Will (in the white shirt) in ready position with his Sponge Bob tennis raquet

During the month of July I'm teaching summer school 4 mornings/week. We have Will signed up for a number of camps and activities so he has something to do while I'm working. The first week was a camp at his preschool, this past week he had tennis lessons and a day camp at the gym (Next week is vacation bible school-9am to 3pm-AMEN!). Since I don't teach on Fridays I was able to watch his lesson and take some pictures for Grandma Sharpe. He really enjoyed it and tennis seems to be more his style than track. He told me one day during day camp they played a game with bean bags where the kids lined up and then raced to get the bean bags, but he didn't get any bean bags. Poor kid. I was telling someone that story and they said "Just wait 'til they start picking teams in gym class!"

I'm just so thankful that he is such an independent kid! Mike would drop him off at tennis lessons and then someone from the kids care at the gym would walk him from tennis lessons to day camp. I was freaked out about it and went so far as to type and laminate a tag for his backpack with all the information about where he was supposed to be when and our cell numbers, work numbers, etc . I suppose things like that aren't going to help his cause when it comes to picking those teams in gym class! Of course I was much more worried than he ever was and everything went fine. Maybe once I have two kids to worry about, I'll lighten up a little!!

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