Thursday, July 24, 2008

Jesus Jams

Will spent the week at Vacation Bible School at our church, People of Hope.

He had so much fun with friends he already knew, Sean and Carter from our neighborhood and Hanna and Ella, but he made new friends, too. One of the teachers commented that he was very well behaved and very sweet! We're so proud!

Tonight we were treated to a program and ice cream social where Will sang some of what our friend Ruth would refer to as "Jesus Jams." This is my first attempt at posting video so keep your fingers crossed it works!

Edited to add: When I picked Will up today the report from one of the counselors was that they were drawing pictures of their talents and when she asked Will to tell her about his picture he said "Oh, it's just me and Barack Obama." I wonder where he gets this stuff!


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I see Catholic University in his future!

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