Monday, July 7, 2008

Our kind of town...

We had a fabulous Forth of July with the Repedes in Chicagoland! It was quite the action packed weekend! We left Rochester on Thursday morning and made a detour through New Glarus, Wisconsin for some cloth diaper shopping at Nicki's Diapers. I know, we barely recognize us, either, but we're hoping to be a little greener and the rumor is that it saves a little green as well-we'll see!

Thursday night we saw the fireworks at Arlington Park. Will had lots of energy after spending 7 hours in the car and was fueled further by an enormous popsicle!

Grandma Kim, Will and Grandpa Repede

Will and Grandpa Repede with their blue popsicle tongues! (or Grandpa Repede is sticking his tongue out at Will's Obama shirt!)

We started Friday at the Arlington Heights parade featuring Grandpa Repede "marching" with his tuba in the Arlington Heights Community Band.

Grandpa Repede on the right

After the parade we saw his concert at Frontier Days with Grandma Kim's family, the Sweeneys. They were in town for her nephew Ryan's graduation from the Naval Academy.

We visited with Great Grandma Repede on Saturday morning and then drove into the city with the Repedes and Sweeneys and spent the afternoon on Navy Pier. We went to the Children's Museum, rode the Ferris Wheel and had dinner at Gino's East.

Will plays guitar at the Children's Museum

Climbing in the pirate ship

Ferris Wheel on Navy Pier

Will and Grandpa Repede on the ferris wheel

Mike and Meg on the ferris wheel

On Sunday morning we enjoyed a wonderful brunch at the Leverenz's in Grayslake with my friend Michele and headed home!!

Meghan Leverenz, Meg and Michele Lengerman

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Bridge said...

which michele? you KNOW i love that picture of will playing guitar!

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