Sunday, July 20, 2008

Life on the Farm

After several summers of planting annuals that were crunchy by the 4th of July, I got really brave this year and tried a container vegtable garden. We can't take all the credit for their success; while we were in Chicago the plants spent a long weekend with our neighbors, The Sztajnkrycers, where they received lots of TLC and a little Miracle Grow!
Here are the cucumbers-we had one with dinner tonight! (Yes, that is my belly in the bottom left corner of the picture! Yikes!)
These are the tomatoes. We have two varieties-a larger tomato and a cherry tomato. Will picked and ate a few the other day!
I've been a little nervous about them. Mike built a rain barrel this spring to collect rainwater from the gutter. He built it out of a recycled car wax barrel and I'm a little concerned we've been watering the vegtables with car wax, but Mike doesn't seem concerned.

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