Tuesday, June 8, 2010

June 6th

Becoming parents changed our lives, but losing our child changed us.
June 6th marks the day we met and said goodbye to our daughter, Caroline, a day we were changed forever. It is a hard day and a hard time of year, but it is also full of reminders of how supported and blessed we are.

The boys send pink balloons to Caroline in honor of her birthday.
Will thought it would take a long time for them to get there since they had to go all the way through space. He talks about Caroline sporadically and shared the other day that he had a dream about her. She talked to him in his dream and she looked like Mrs. Rollie's baby.
It is hard to know what Collin understands. We got a card in the mail from NILMDTS sharing that a donation had been made. He asked "dis?" which means what's this? I'm not sure exactly what I said but he carried the card around for awhile and said "sister."

Thank you to the Leverenz, Kruse, Auger and Friedman Families for your donations to NILMDTS and to all of our friends and family for kind words and prayers.

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