Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Memorial Day Camping 2010

Memorial Day weekend marked the first camping trip of the season! I wasn't prepared for the difference in prepping for a camping trip as a stay-at-home mom (last season) and a back-to-work mom (this season). Items we forgot included: towels (beach, bath, wash-you name it, we forgot it), Collin's booster seat (which resulted in only one tumble off the picnic table bench) and a cooler (yes, a cooler! although it really limits your caffeine and alcohol consumption when you can only chill one beverage at a time in the mini-fridge). We are lucky to camp with experienced families who provided us with a few of those items.
A year has passed since we began this pop-up adventure and the boys are definitely a year older. Will is not quite 7 and big enough to roam with the big boys, who are 8, is happy to hang with Allie, the middle-schooler, yet a little bit bummed when Katelyn has girlfriends to play with. Collin is now mobile and thinks he is also going 7 and able to run with the big boys. Luckily, Allie and the 'tweens think babies are cool and love to play (babysit!) with him.

Collin enjoying the pool with Paige, Allie, Andrew and Mike
Lindsey, the baby-whisperer, got Collin to sleep twice!
My boys chillin' in a raft (on the grass!)
Collin enjoying breakfast in a booster provided by the Adams! People with 4 kids have everything! I think it is appropriate that Collin is eating strawberries and drinking Silk in this picture, as our camping food choices are the source of many questions and jokes!
Collin's new love of camping (after successfully smearing pancakes and blackberries everywhere!). Last year his expressions said "Are we seriously STILL outside?" while this year he is happy to play all day with Auntie Soup and Grandpa Chad!

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