Saturday, November 1, 2008

Two Months Old

Collin at one month
Collin at two months

It is amazing how much our little guy has grown in the last two months!  He has gained almost 4 lbs and grown almost 4 inches!  Collin is working hard to catch up to his big brother.  Collin is 6oz heavier and 3/4 of an inch longer than Will was at two months, which is interesting since Will was almost 2 lbs heavier and inch longer at birth!  What is even more interesting to me is their percentiles.  Both boys went in on Friday for their check-ups (2 month for Collin and 5 year for Will).  Will is in the 67th percentile for height, 92% for weight and his head is always off the charts, while Collin is in the 76th percentile for height, 64% for weight and 36% for head circumference.  I guess there is only room for one Big Head Fred in this family!  

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Bridget said...

He's gonna be a basketball (soccer) playa!

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