Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tummy Time

When we took Collin in for his 2 month well-child visit the pediatrician asked if he was getting 15 minutes of tummy time every day.  Oops.  Poor, sweet second born child.  With Will I was concerned he wasn't enjoying tummy time enough.  Tummy time was invented after the SIDS/Back to Sleep movement-because babies sleep on their backs now they don't spend as much time on their tummies.  Time on their tummies helps neck strength and gets babies ready to crawl.  I had a Special Education professor in college who was studying the connection between crawling and reading.  He believed crawling teaches children to track in the same way they track words on a page.  Naturally, as a first time mom, I believed that if Will didn't enjoy tummy time he'd never crawl and therefore, never read.  I actually purchased the contraption below, The Tummy Time Gym, to help that along.  (It can be used on their backs as you see below or rotated for tummy time entertainment. )

Now fast forward five years.  We had completely forgotten about tummy time.  Collin has probably had 15 minutes of tummy time in his whole life, but he seems to be doing just fine!  
Here he is getting a little help from his brother, who had the advantage of the Tummy Time Gym! 

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