Friday, July 2, 2010

Flying with Children

I have decided that flying with young children is a lot like running. If you do it regularly, you stay in shape and it isn't painful. Going a year between trips will knock the wind out of you and leave you sore for days. Last year I took two solo trips with the boys, before Collin was a year old. In the past year the only trip I took was just grown-ups. Clearly, I am out of shape.

Now, it wasn't all bad. Will is now a seasoned traveler and drags a suitcase for us.

I'd like to personally thank Steve Jobs for creating small, lightweight devices that play movies, tv shows, music and audiobooks.

I would NOT like to thank Frontier airlines for losing a suitcase, not having a tracking system to track lost luggage, placing Will in a exit row alone and blaming us for it, yelling at Will and I for him having to use the lavatory after the plane left the gate and for charging us an extra $30 to check a 4th bag and then offering FREE gate checks when we got to the gate. I'm so thankful Mike was with us this time. I think if I had been alone you may have seen me on the evening news.

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