Thursday, April 8, 2010

Good Reports

In my teacher preparation programs they stressed the importance of making regular positive contacts with parents. Before I had kids of my own I never really understood the importance of this. My days were busy and depending on the year I had anywhere from 18 to 40 kids each day. I assumed the good kids' parents knew they were fine.
After I had Will and sent him to daycare I understood it a little bit better and the daily report of what he ate and when he pooped gave me a window into his day. Now that he is at Riverside with me I can peek in on him at anytime. I know when he eats and hope not to talk about his poop. Collin is attending daycare now and they have an eat/sleep/poop form as well, but what I really love about Primrose is the Happy Gram notes we get every once and awhile. The thing about Collin is that he is very different from Will. At home he thinks "no" is funny. When he hears it he smiles and runs away. It's hard to picture a child as young as Collin reserving that behavior for home. He is a sweet boy with a mischievous side, but I love that his teachers only see him as a sweet boy. Or at least that is what they share.

These pictures and this note came home with him today.

I'm not sure how clearly the note will post, but it says that he was busy with the linking toys seen in the pictures. He was building towers and when his friends would come close he would yell "No, No, Thank you!"
I think what every parent wants is for the other trusted adults in your child's life to know how wonderful they truly are and you never really know that until you hear it.

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