Sunday, April 4, 2010

The Easter Equation

The Past 10 Days

Day 1. First day of Spring Break-Mom leaves for a scrapbook weekend with the girls. Dad is in charge.
Days 2 & 3. Dad is in charge
Day 4. Mom returns a little short on sleep.
Days 5 & 6. Collin goes to daycare to stay in somewhat of a routine. Did not appreciate the genius this was until today.
Day 7. Playdate with Henry.
Day 8. Aunt Franny and Aunt Bridget arrive. We celebrate Mike's birthday at the Winters and stay up late.
Day 9. Egg Hunt at IBM and the Aunts babysit while we go out. Will stays up late.
Day 10. Easter! Discovery of the Easter Equation:

(overstimulation + candy)-sleep/lack of routine=meltdowns

Here is the annual Easter picture with the Winters' kids. Where is Will?

Here he is!
I believe this was tantrum #2 of 4 (so far) and it had something to do with dress pants. Will is a pretty laid back kid for the most part but there are 2 things that really throw him for a loop: lack of sleep and too much sugar, also known as Spring Break and Easter. I'm actually looking forward to Monday.

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