Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Video Share

When I went back to the classroom full time after Will was born we were in the first year of implementing the Reading First grant.  That story could be it's own blog, but part of our requirement was something called the "video share."  We taped ourselves teaching reading and shared it in our study group.  Because I have been home for two school years, I've missed out on half the fun of the one year, turned three year, turned four year grant.   As I was taping Will reading to Collin this afternoon I was reminded of the fun of video shares.  

I'm dedicating this post to my friend Jill.  


Andrea Sztajnkrycer said...

Awesome Reading Will!!!!

Those are the greatest confidence builders because of the main repetitive sentence. Then the next word or two is somewhat easy to figure out with the picture and the first letter.
Tim did the same thing with these books. One after another.
I LOVE THIS MEG! Thanks for sending it. Now, you'll need to get the rest of the series - I think there's another 27 of them- so Will can read them all! I take cash, check, or charge.

I also love the way Collin really wants the book and how much he's enjoying story time! :-)

kyle and robin said...

that is seriously the cutest thing! will is doing great and I love how he looks back at you to be sure of the word. precious.

collin and miles read the same way - gimme, gimme, GIMMEEEE!!!!

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