Friday, May 23, 2008

15 weeks left!

I've been inspired to blog! A co-worker keeps one and we were able to follow her journey through labor and delivery right from the hospital. I don't know that this will one will be that detailed, but it is a good way to keep friends and family in the loop (and post attractive pregnancy pictures). Here we are at 25 weeks! So far all is well and we've been given the go ahead for a VBAC. Will is excited to meet his baby brother. His name pick of the week is Benjamin. We haven't decided anything yet, but it is an improvement over his previous choices (Yodi and Indiana Jones).


Meghan said...

Wow, impressive, Meg! The colors of your web page are so YOU. I love that I will be able to check in and see how you are doing. Someday you'll have to teach me about all this. Hope to see you soon!

krguy said...

Cool website! Your tummy is very cute :) KG

Anonymous said...

Can you please add Luke or Lucas to the baby name choices. love, Will

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