Monday, July 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Shane!

Sometimes I question my sanity.  It has been a crazy month for us.  A trip to Chicago at the end of June, followed by 4th of July weekend camping followed by a weekend trip to San Francisco at the end of the first week of summer school.  We live in a small town in the middle of nowhere and it is important to us that our boys see the world outside of SE Minnesota so when Grandma Sharpe called to say she would be going to San Francisco for my sweet little Godbaby Shane's first birthday I decided I would take the boys, too.  

Here are the boys on the first leg from MSP to Salt Lake City.  Will is in heaven.  He ate McDondald's for breakfast and the in-flight movie was 17 Again with Zac Efron (of High School Musical).  He has a scene where he battles with a lightsaber.  Could life get any better than Troy Bolton with a lightsaber?  I was happy because we were in a row with an empty seat so Collin didn't have to be a lap passenger for the whole flight!  
Will and his cousin Megan being silly.  When Will and I visited a year ago I was amazed how the two became instant friends and played with very little adult interaction.  Amy and I were a little surprised that they were feeling the need to be entertained when we first got there.  We have a feeling that the difference is that their grandmas (who love to entertain them!) were there this time! 

Our modern men, Shane and Collin, playing with the kitchen

All of the Boyce cousins in town for Shane's birthday
Will (5) Collin (10m) Shane (1) Megan (4) Trevor (2)

The birthday boy! 
When Amy and I were younger we were occasionally dressed in coordinating outfits for family adventures (more on that later) so we did the same for this reunion.  The kids weren't all about sitting for a picture. 
The Boyces/Malloys
Matt, Jodi, Trevor, Uncle Curt, Aunt Linda, Megan, Shane, Jim, Amy
Grandma, the boys and I 
(Aunt Bridget thinks Grandma is giving Will a wedgie in this picture)
The boys
The girls

We made it home safe and sound and it was worth the chaos of travel to spend the weekend celebrating with family!! 

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Aunt Bridget said...

Mom lives to give wedgies! Also that picture is definitely my new background on my desktop

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