Tuesday, June 23, 2009

The Robin's Nest

For the past few summers a bird tries to make a nest in the same spot under our deck.  One summer Mike moved the nest so many times the bird eventually gave up.  Last summer the birds won and laid some eggs but Will and a few neighborhood kids knocked them out in their curiosity. This summer Mike wanted to move the nest, but feeling the need to be an environmental advocate for the birds in the newly developed neighborhood with few trees, I asked him to leave it.  Apparently I am an uneducated bird activist.  I didn't realize how territorial our birds would be about their nest and eggs.  For several weeks we could not go on the deck without a robin or two swooping over us, within inches of our heads, until we went back inside. 

As you can see the baby birds FINALLY hatched!  Hopefully our "renters" will be out soon and we'll be able to use our deck again!  

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