Saturday, February 28, 2009

Collin is 1/2!

Since there is no 30th of February, I took Collin's 6 month pictures today.  As you can see, his newest skill is sitting up (and wearing a mohawk!). He is also now putting himself to sleep at naptime, my favorite milestone next to the smile!  He still has no interest in rolling from back to front which keeps him contained, for now.  We're planning to start solids after his 6m check-up and shots.  He is a happy baby and was a great traveller for his first plane ride to Phoenix and for the 400 mile car ride from Phoenix to Southern California!  

1 comment:

kyle and robin said...

fantastic 'do collin! miles is a bit jealous of all that hair. btw - we take baths in the sink too :)

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