Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Aunt Franny knew Uglydolls were cool before Sasha!

If you were following the news today, you may have heard about Sasha and her Uglydoll.  Sasha Obama, that is, and how her Uglydoll, and not her dad,  made her pretty popular on her first day at her new school.  To set the record straight, it was actually my sister, Franny, who started the fad several years ago when she got one for Will as a gift.   Above is a picture of Will and his Uglydoll, OX.  Thanks to Aunt Franny, Will is one trendy democrat!  


Franny said...

You're right Meg, I am the best Aunt.

Bridge said...

WAIT A TICK! I'm pretty sure I picked out that doll!!!

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